Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The What If Monologue Part 1


What if
Some people around you
Are somehow clueless of what they're doing.

What if
Those things are the things you know about
And they know you know them.

What if
They didn't ask anything about it
Or at least ask you to give some two cents.

What if
Some of those things they don't know
You've already told them with decent details.

What if
What you remember is
They put their hands on their ears and said you mumble a lot.

What if
Some times they just ask you to do things in a sudden
And expect you to meet their requirements and deadlines.

What if
You just had enough
But you don't know how to react.

What if
You have to see those faces everyday
And hope everything will be fine.

What if
Then you see some other people around you
Somehow clueless of what they're doing.

Da Capo (Start from the beginning)


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Rojak : Reality Shows, Movies & Budaya To Read


Reality Shows

Hear me.

I haven't watched AF7. Langsung. Not even to see a pic of one of the students pon. Dah tak layan AF ke Rosman? Haha. Funny.

I don't have Astro here kat umah sewa. Get it. Got it. Owwh.

OIAM. Tidak juga? Adoyai.

I'm looking forward too watch Amylea. I know she's good. And I heard she's good in OIAM too. But I also heard about her and members yang lain macam ade conflict etc. I know nothing about it, so takleh nak komen pape. What I can say is ; I don't like people saying stuffs like "Amylea can't win, she's such a biatch" or something else like that. Aku tak suke langsung statement macam ni. Macam orang yang takde instinct sivik langsung.

Baik ko kate macam ni mase pilihanraya kawasan "Saya tanak undi wakil rakyat ni kerana beliau tak pandai memasak".

We're so judgemental about a person, sehinggakan kite lupe yang ianya lari dan tidak sesuai pada masa dan tempatnya.

A singing competition is a singing competition. How he or she sings that counts. Full stop.

AF tu lain la kot. LOL ~


Talentime, or TALEnTIME? Our beloved Storyteller is such a storyteller, kan. I want to watch this. Probably more than once kot. I didn't expect to see Pamela Chong in it. Leading plak tuh. And she looks good. I mean looking good in acting. Okay she IS looking good :)

And yeah I love the song for the commercial kat tv tuh. That Indian song. Sedap okeh. Sape2 yang tau the title and where I can get it, please give me a buzz.

My friends keep singing "boledia.....boledia....."

Dragonball. White in flesh. Tak ramai yang boleh accept the fact. Haha. Come on, the fanatics takkan boleh terima punye Dragonball orang putih walau Johny Depp skali yang berlakon, atau James Cameron yang direct. I'm not one of the fanatics tapi mungkin ia memang betul. Mujur lah dia letak perkataan REVOLUTION. So orang takleh nak cakap banyak. It's a revolution kan. It looks like a serious movie. Dan kalo betul, ianya dah melarikan lagi konsep Dragonball yang bermula ngan banyak humor. And I don't see a horny old man ngan cengkerang penyu di belakangnya.

Budaya Membaca, To Read, Bukan Reading.

Yep. Aku stress kan di situ, budaya To Read, bukan budaya Reading. Sebab kalo budaya Reading = Membaca tu memang dah susah la nak menanamnya. Aku betol2 mintak dan seru kat sume orang, termasuklah my closest friends untuk menanam budaya To Read kat dalam diri.

Ape? Ape benda budaya To Read tu?

Budaya Membaca la. Bukan Membaca buku, tapi AT LEAST membaca apa yang perlu.

Contoh :

This one semestinya most of you dah pernah buat.
"Mane installer Winamp ni? Ha ni dia. Tekan. Okeh, NEXT, NEXT, NEXT, NEXT, NEXT, NEXT, FINISH.
Yea dah boleh pkai Winamp dengar lagu.."

Betul tak? Betul tak korang penah/memang always buat macam ni?

Sudahnya, macam2 plugins yang tak patut diinstall, macam2 offer diaccept, macam2 setting dibuat, macam2 benda yang tak perlu pon dimasukkannya. Nampak tak? Inilah dia namenye takde Budaya To Read.

Apekah yang susah sangat untuk bace ape yang tertera kat skrin itu, at least?

Tu blom lagi kes macam ni (not exactly, lebih kurangla) :

"Man, man. Yang ni kenape nih? Tak boleh nak buat ape2 pon. Nak message pon tak boleh nak comment pon tak boleh"


Beliau hanya perlu bace ape yang tertera dan buat yang selebihnya. Masalahnya, KENAPA TAK BACA?

Bersambung. Dah nak Maghrib ni huhu.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

TechnoPositivo : Windows Walls


I make my own wallpapers. Everytime. I got tons of them. Then a friend came by and say they are awesome and what if I upload them for other people to use, just like the other designers did. And I say haah kan? And then I decided to gather a lil portion of em, adjust2 sket to make it look like the official Vista, or XP or Seven wallpapers. Ini dia the first three versions of WindowsPositivo walls for you to download and use freely.

WindowsPositivo - Curves

This one looks savvy and sexy. Probably girls like this one more. Clean, neat yet still colourful.


Size : 1280 x 1024


Size : 1280 x 800 Widescreen

WindowsPositivo - Glare

Got the feel of Windows Seven I guess. Tried to make it to the simplest level.


Size : 1280 x 1024


Size : 1280 x 800 Widescreen

WindowsPositivo - Crystal

This one I got the inspiration back to years ago. Suka sangat buat crystal2 ni. Influence Smallville kot, with the Kryptonite thingy. Got the Windows colour theme. So geometric. Corporate-like.


Size : 1280 x 1024


Size : 1280 x 800 Widescreen

There will be more. If you wanna.