Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The What If Monologue Part 1


What if
Some people around you
Are somehow clueless of what they're doing.

What if
Those things are the things you know about
And they know you know them.

What if
They didn't ask anything about it
Or at least ask you to give some two cents.

What if
Some of those things they don't know
You've already told them with decent details.

What if
What you remember is
They put their hands on their ears and said you mumble a lot.

What if
Some times they just ask you to do things in a sudden
And expect you to meet their requirements and deadlines.

What if
You just had enough
But you don't know how to react.

What if
You have to see those faces everyday
And hope everything will be fine.

What if
Then you see some other people around you
Somehow clueless of what they're doing.

Da Capo (Start from the beginning)


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