Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Headless Creature - 3D Modelling


The first moment I got this 'friendly assignment' I was like, huiyoo, boleh ke nih? Julia asked me to help her with her 3D model sculpture assignment and I thought it was a 'biase2' sculpture and asked for her sketches. She gave me the sculpture itself and there I was standing in huiyo.

It is a small-sized, headless tiger actually. But I prefer to call it 'headless creature'. Seriously Jules, no offence. It's better to be named that way for me. Huhu.

The basic proportion is nothing impossible. It consists of basic components. Lupa plak nak post the real pics of the sculpture. But what I was huiyoing was the chains!

Tengok la sendiri the rantai. Dah la my 3DsMax 5.1 buat hal, takleh nak place components. Kena buat sume skaligus. 3DsMax 2008 plak lagi la meragam. I can install it no problemo tapi takleh nak activate padahal dah ready ngan keygen dah. (ops kantoi pkai pirate)

I have to form the chains from scratch. Walau pon boleh copy and paste, placing dia tak sekata dan bahagian ekornya kena ikut gravity plak. This is the tricky part.

And apabila dah terlampau banyak components, and I mean extremely banyak okeh komponen dia. So all the editing view jadi lagging. I turned off all the views except Perspective but it still lagged my 2gb RAM powered PC! I have to upgrade to 4gb or 8gb instead! Or the processor tros kot. Wah3.

Apetah lagi untuk proses rendering. And I prefer to render it in high res JPEGs. So lagi la kena tunggu lambat. Tuka view lagi. Jet jet jet jet (konon2 bunyi steps rendering dia kat skrin).

But anyway it was a fun and challenging task. Thanks Jules. At least aku leh asah balik skill 3DsMax yang dah berkarat nih.

iPhone please! LOL :)

P/s - Hope you got A for this yah. Eventhough it still breaks my heart that I got B+ ke B tah for this subject last 2 semesters. Apa lagi yang kau mau tah wahai lecturers.

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