Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Awesomeness & Guys

Ahh woo!

I don't know. I believe that is the sound those 300 six-packs-baby-oiled-dudes were growling in the movie.

I'm not sure about you but I yeah I did find that motivating at times, but imagining I'm talking and they start Ahh Woo-ing me at the end of every sentence, I would choke each and every one of them to death. That would start a shortage of perfectly-built men in this world and I'll happily don't go frenzy concerning on my weight like these days. Waaargh.

Okay ngarut.

Do you know Barney Stinson?

No usually he don't look like that. Itu dah jadi Borat haha. Bongek punya Barney.

Okay this Barney guy always go around tell people he's awesome. Specifically, to Ted Mosby, Marshall Eriksen, Lily Aldrin & Robin Scherbatsk.

Yeah he's THAT vain.

What intrigued me, is, what does 'awesome' really mean? defined it as : 1 - inspiring awe. 2 - showing or characterized by awe. 3 - very impressive.

Most of us take 'awesome' to guys as :
- Uber-jambu-atau-messy-tapi-handsome looks
- 300-movie-like body
- Lotsa Ka-Ching
- Big-Fierce ride
- Flashy-big-headquarters job
- Armani-like outfits
- Either a really big house, or super-trendy condo nearby KLCC or Hartamas.

Let's say me myself here really haven't acquired all of the above, can I at least get to near hot chicks?

Can YOU?

I recalled a scene in Cougar Town, they bet if any guy anywhere, randomly ask a girl to 'yumyum' on a bed, they wouldn't stand a chance if they don't have at least some of the above. BUT, if a girl randomly ask a random guy to sleep together, any guy would say yes.

Dan mereka berjaya proved that, on that very scene.

I would say, lelaki perlukan awesomeness with lotsa volume compared to girls when it comes to relationships.

Because every relationships are actually dominated by girls. They are the ones who control how the relationship works and flows, and ends, as well. We, the guys, are just playing our roles, comforting them, buying nice stuffs, treat them dinner, because most of the times, the guys are the ones who wanna get inside their pants! Haha. That is how girls are actually more dominant than we guys.

But wait.

I said, that's how girls are more a relationship.

When it comes to hooking up, having great times and partying all-night-long, guys can boost up their awesomeness to a very good level. Provided that they have some qualities stated above.

I mean, look at him :

This man is really AWESOME in many ways. Hahahaha!

Hail to the porn king, Hugh Hefner.

Bulan depan nak pegi gym lah. Nak jadi pornstar kena tough.


Joseph said...

wow.. looking forward to have your first video!!

buy original, see original.

RosmanPositivo said...

u're cordially invited to be one of the live audiences. hahahaha

Shazz said...

pornstar in the making?

RosmanPositivo said...

eh eh cayang pon ade blog rupanya hehe.

jom kte wat video? kata dh kawen. gagagaga ;p

Anonymous said...

From Kamus DBP
awesome = menggerunkan. (LOL)

I met ex uni mate lastweek..he dun hv d 'awesome' factors and stil..his wife is soo beatiful n now preggy...=)

p/s: saya order vid tau..jgn lupa..wakakaka..

**Wak Lulu's

RosmanPositivo said...

@waklulu : he got unconventional awesomeness i bet ;) video akan dijual di kedai2 ubat berdekatan LOL