Thursday, November 25, 2010

Really? 2 Entries In A Row For Her?


Bukan bunyi mercun.

Ini suatu masalah. 2 entries in a row for the exact same person.

If my mom's reading this probably she'll google nombor parents Yuna nak bincang jumlah hantaran. Masak.

Gambar curi dari Murai. Jujur.

First thing first :

Congratulations to my [BLANK] Yuna for your BIG winning at Shout Awards aritu. *blush*
Fill in the BLANK with any words. Appropriate or not, your call.

"I dok jauh dari you aritu. Tak sempat nak jumpa. Nasib baik kawan I yang gemok² tu sempat capture muka you yang [BLANK] tu" *giggles.
Fill in the BLANK with any words. Yang appropriate saja.

Really big thanks to Kak Vee & Abang Shidi for the tix. Seriously guys, these 2 persons are the nicest peeps in the world. It's not about the tix, but how they treat people that matters. Love you guys.

Kak Vee, walaupun tak dapat Hot Chick Awards, being categorized in that particular award pon I think it's a big compliment from them. Where can you get a mom of 2 masih tercalon dalam Hot Chick? Damn you're hot Kak! ;)

Abang Shidi, "just don't be late" hahaha.

Back to Yuna.

Not exactly Yuna, but widely-rumored significant other dia ni *genggam penumbuk*

And not about him, or them pon, but this is what it looks like when media messed up.

Captured from Murai. Googled Qi. Emotionally fit haha.

I mean, really, Qi? A blogger?


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Yunalis Zarai Was Born 24 Years Ago

Triing triing triing ~

No talkies today. Just a special dedication to one of my biggest crushes in Malaysia (of course along with Vanidah Imran & Fazura) : YUNA on her 24th birthday today ; 14 November 2010.

P/S - I was intended to put "Let's get married" on the last line. Tapi kalau tetiba dia gila kata YES, takut tak sempat pulak aku nak cari duit buat hantaran and kenduri. Nanti I ada dah duit sket, I suh Mama I call Mama you ya ;p